Samsung are one of the biggest smartphone and tablet developers in the world. They began by riding on the coat-tails of Apple, but they are now a hugely respected smartphone developer in their own right, and in many countries, Samsung devices outsell Apple devices. In fact, Australia is one of those countries, and while we love our Apple products here, with iOS having a huge share of the market (second only to Japan), Samsung devices, and the Android operating system that they use, outstrip them by someway.

This is down to a number of reasons. Firstly, Samsung offer more variety than Apple, with a greater number of devices and for a greater range of budgets. Samsung devices are also incredibly powerful, beautiful and state-of-the-art. And, perhaps more importantly for a country so obsessed with gambling and with pokies in particular, Samsung devices like the S series, the Galaxy Tab, the Galaxy Note and others, are perfectly suited for online gambling in all of its forms.

Gambling on a Samsung Device

You will not find any real money gambling apps in the Google Play Store. This is a choice that Google made, and it is one that all Android users have to deal with. So, just because you can’t find your favorite casino in the app store, doesn’t mean that it isn’t available, that it isn’t compatible or that it isn’t safe.

To get around this issue you simply need to log into the casino from your mobile browser. It will detect what platform you are using and will show you a link to the latest version of the Android software. Before you click this link, you will need to ensure that your settings have been tweaked to allow apps from third-party developers, because Google rejects these as a default. It is easily changed though and you can find this option under your “Settings”.

Just ignore the warnings that you see, because while they look ominous, the truth is that you are perfectly safe, providing you are downloading reputable software from a reputable casino (which we’ll discuss shortly).

The Best Samsung Smartphones

The S series is the most popular Samsung device, and the one that always seems to be in direct competition with the iPhone. But many smartphone users are just as supportive of the Galaxy Note, which has seen many releases over the years, and this device is perhaps better suited to online gambling. The Galaxy Note is bigger, comes with a multi-purpose stylus, and is incredibly powerful. So much so that it is one of the few smartphones (officially, due to its size, it is known as a “phablet”) that allows you to do two things at once. You can open a browser window while you shop, or you can gamble while you talk to your friends on Facebook.

All Samsung devices, even the lower priced ones, should be able to play your favorite casino games. Compatibility is very rarely an issue in this industry, especially when you’re dealing with such a popular make and such a widespread operating system.

The Best Samsung Pokies

There are many great pokies out there that were designed for mobile users. These include Beehive Reactors, a game that takes interactivity to the next level and feels like a cross between Flappy Bird and Candy Crush, and games like Wild Antics, South Park and Family Guy, where bonus features are in plenty supply, as are beautiful graphics and slick animations.

For sheer consistency though, you can’t beat the Microgaming software, home to slot series like Tomb Raider, Avalon, Rugby Star and Thunderstruck. These games look and feel great on any smartphone, but with the power of a Samsung device, they are simply extraordinary. Microgaming were one of the first big developers to shift their focus to the mobile market, one of the first to create games exclusively for this market. They are a pioneering, game-changing developer, and this is why we always recommend Microgaming casinos to slot fans.

The Best Samsung Casino

So, now that you know what devices work best, what slots you should look for and how to download mobile casinos, the only question is: what casino should you choose? The truth is that a lot of them are very similar. They have similar games, layouts, banking options and more. But it is the little things that set them apart.

For instance, on the highly acclaimed Jackpot City online casino you will find a setup that cherry-picks the very best slots from Microgaming, one that has impeccable customer service and bonuses that will impress even the most diehard casino fan. These are the little things, and on Jackpot City, they are the things that they have spot on.