The Mac operating system, OS X, is no longer as rare as it once was, and those who use it are no longer considered to be in the minority. Many years ago, if you owned a Mac and ran the Apple operating system then there was very little you could do. There were few games available, there were few casinos you could use, and generally there were restrictions everywhere you went.

These days there are more Mac users than there have ever been, and this, coupled with the rise of Apple’s other devices, has led to a world where Mac users enjoy just as much compatibility as Windows users. At least, that should be the case, but it is not. There are still a few sites and developers out there that have overlooked OS X users, often at their peril. In this article we’ll point those sites and those developers out, and we’ll also tell you where you can play your favorite slots on your Mac.

The Offenders

Believe it or not, one of the biggest betting sites in the world is also one of the ones with the worst compatibility. BetFair used to offer all of its services, games and more to all users. Its poker, its bingo and its casino worked with all operating systems, mobile and desktop. But they have been sloppy lately and they have made changes that just don’t suit Mac users.

Their poker software is the worst offender. They used to be a part of the OnGame network, and they had a lot of players and a lot of fans. This network was compatible with Mac and Windows, and it also worked on mobile devices. For whatever reason, BetFair decided to switch the networks they used. They made promises that players wouldn’t be negatively affected, but they switched to a network that didn’t work with Mac, and lost a lot of players in the process.

This switch happened years ago and they still haven’t done anything about it. Add to this the fact that Mac users have had compatibility issues elsewhere on the BetFair site, and you have a large betting brand that simply doesn’t cater for 100% of the gamblers out there.

Why Are Macs so Inclusive?

The goal of the Mac was always to be inclusive. It wanted to create products that only worked on that platform, and it rejected a lot of outside peripherals and games in the process. This became old very fast, and it cost Apple a lot of sales. As iPhone and iPad sales pushed up the sales of all Mac devices, and as more people turned their back on Microsoft, there was a need to cater for Mac users. So developers the world over began creating software that would work for them. However, unlike Windows, which uses a lot of open-source software and generally makes life easy for developers, it is very difficult, time-consuming, expensive and sometimes impossible to create products for it.

There are usually ways around this, but some developers are happy to ignore Mac users and to take the hit, in exchange for not creating compatible software. This certainly doesn’t apply to all of them, but it does make life difficult if you have a Mac.

Getting Casino Software Onto Your Mac

In most cases, you shouldn’t have an issue playing online casino software on your Mac. This is because this software rarely needs to be downloaded anymore, and you can usually play direct through your web browser. Instant play casinos have come on a long way, as have internet connections and the servers that they rely on. In the old days it wasn’t practical to offer instant play casinos, because the money that it cost to keep these running and to keep players active, as well as the issues that those players had with connectivity and speed, just rendered it counterproductive.

That is no longer the case though and providing your computer is compatible with Flash and other instant play software, you will be okay. If not, then you will simply need to update your computer. As soon as you visit the site you may be prompted to do this, in which case you simply need to follow the links, download the software and then restart your computer. You should also download an alternative web browser to Safari, which is the default Mac browser. Something like Chrome or Firefox will make your life easier, as they are much more compatible.

Mac Compatible Casinos

So, now we know how to play and which casinos to avoid, where should you play? The truth is that there are many great and compatible casinos out there, but when it comes to a combination of great bonuses, great support, great games and compatibility for all devices and platforms, you can’t beat Jackpot City.