If you asked every single gambler what attracted them to a new casino, then an overwhelming majority would point towards the free bonuses. The casinos know this, of course, and it’s one of the few things that allows you to tell one casino apart from the next, one of the few things that they can use to truly compete against each other. Casinos use similar software packages from similar developers. They use the same banking systems, and they offer similar layouts, compatibility and even customer support. It is the bonuses that define the casinos in this day and age, and it’s the bonuses that you should pay attention to more than anything else.

With that in mind, what are the best bonuses available and where can you secure these?

Spin Palace

There is nothing extraordinary about this casino, simply because there is nothing extraordinary about any online casino. Spin Palace looks just like any other casino you will have played on. It uses Microgaming and therefore has some pretty cool pokies. It can also be played on Macs, mobiles and other platforms. However, the thing that sets Spin Palace apart is the bonuses it offers.

The first of these, a welcome bonus, is not particularly special, but it’s certainly welcome. This bonus offers you up to $1,000 in free cash, which you can use how and where you want. This money is paid out over the course of your first few deposits, with the first one being a 100% matched deposit. The maximum amount is currently $150 and has been for sometime, but this changes. If you hit the maximums with each deposit then you will have a total of $1,000. It’s as simple as that.

Before you can make a withdrawal with this deposit you will need to play through the amount 30 times. This basically means that you need to “risk” 30x more than you were given. So, if you unlocked $100, then you will need to place $3,000 worth of bets before you can withdraw. This sounds huge, but with the high play-through rates offered by the majority of Spin Palace pokies, you can burn through it pretty quickly. Just try to stick to the games that give you the biggest return, otherwise you’ll lose all of your winnings before you even reach the play-through target.

Free Spins

Most casinos have welcome bonuses like the one offered by Spin Palace. In fact, many of them offer bigger bonuses, spread over the course of fewer deposits. However, Spin Palace also offers a free spins bonus. The amount of free spins you can get changes all of the time, ranging from 50 to 200. These spins can be used on any of the Spin Palace slots, and the beauty of this bonus is that there is no play-through rate. All of the money that you generate from those free spins is yours, ready to withdraw as and when you please.

Staying Loyal

If it ended there, Spin Palace would be one of our favorite casinos and it certainly wouldn’t be the focus of this article. But it doesn’t end there, because the best thing about Spin Palace is that it is one of the few online casinos that still caters for loyal players. Not only do they send regular matched deposit bonuses and free spins your way, but they also have the biggest loyalty scheme in the industry, know as the Spin Palace Loyalty Club.

This is something that all players are automatically signed up to, and something that all stake levels can benefit from. Basically, every time you spend money on the casino, whether you’re gambling on a slot machine, a table game or a virtual scratch card, you will be given loyalty points. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, those points will still be added. The more points you have, the higher in the loyalty scheme you will climb, and the greater the rate you will earn points in the future. To begin with, you won’t get a lot for your points, exchanging them for small, token items. But as you progress and make it to the later levels, you can secure everything from new phones, to personalized gifts for your friends and family, holidays, tickets to sporting events and more.

Make it all of the way to the Diamond and the Prive levels and you will get the true Vip treatment. You need to be gambling a lot to get to this stage and you need to be a pretty big spender, but it’s worth it once you’re there. Perks include your own VIP manager, your own customer support number, VIP tickets to the biggest sporting events, and a great deal more.

If you’re a high-roller, your money can go a long way with the Spin Palace Loyalty Club, but even if you’re an infrequent gambler, there are still benefits to this scheme.