In many ways, Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world, and in other ways it is the most popular OS full stop. Not since the early days of Microsoft Windows has an OS enjoyed such dominance in the marketplace, used by countless developers on countless models of smartphones and tablets.

Of course, in terms of usage, it is more or less split 50/50 with iOS, but for the sheer number of devices, and the many versions and variants, Android just can not be beaten.

This means that half of the world’s gamblers own Androids. But where do those gamblers spend their money, are there any issues with the Android OS when it comes to online gambling, and what are the best compatible casinos for this mobile platform?

Google and Gambling

Google have a strange attitude toward gambling, and one that is not shared by any of their major competitors. If you own an Android device then you may have noticed a severe shortage of gambling apps in the Google Play Store. Games that simulate gambling are freely available, but ones that allow you to actually risk real money are not. For whatever reason, Google are strongly against it and don’t want to facilitate it, and this applies whether you’re in the United States, where the government takes a similar view towards online gambling, or in Europe or Australia, where they most certainly do not.

There are ways around this though. Firstly, you will need to click onto your “Settings”, and select the option that allows third-party apps. This is turned off by default in an effort to stop you from downloading potentially harmful games and apps, but it’s not necessary and won’t do you any harm if you turn it on. After that you will need to visit the casino directly through your mobile browser, before following the links for a mobile download.

If we use Spin Palace as an example, as soon as you visit the site on an Android device it will register what platform you are using and prompt you to download compatible software. When the download is complete, you are then free to gamble on your Android. Just don’t tell Google.

The Benefits of Android Gambling

The joys of mobile gambling are evident regardless of the device, but all platforms have their unique advantages. With the iPhones and iOS, the retina display makes everything so much crisper, while the Android ensures that everything is quicker and more seamless. What’s more, many Android devices, including Samsung phablets like the Galaxy Note, allow you to do several things at once. Most pokie players will be searching the web or using Facebook while they play, and this is not usually possible on a smartphone or tablet, but with these devices it is.

The variety of Android devices also plays a major role, because whether you have a big budget and you want the very best speed, power and graphics, or you have a small budget and simply want to play your favorite games on the go, there is a device and a price for everyone. Although it has its own benefits, the same can not be said for the iPhone, which tends to price a lot of players out of the equation, and is often available only to people with a lot of spare cash.

The Best Android Casino

There are so many great casinos out there that defining which is “best” is never an easy task. Many of them use great software (often licensed by Microgaming, Playtech, or another gaming giant) and they also have safe and varied banking options. But, in a world where everything is similar, it’s the small things that stand out, and for us, Spin Palace have those small things down to a tee.

Spin Palace has been around for a very long time, before the first smartphone hit the market in fact. It understands gambling and mobile gambling as well as anyone, and it also has some of the best customer support we have encountered. However, the real positives lie within Spin Palace’s bonuses. Not only does it offer a glut of matched deposit bonuses, free spins and more, but it is also one of the few casinos that still has a loyalty scheme. These have all but faded away in the online world, simply because loyalty is hard to find. But Spin Palace have kept theirs, and it is by far the best you will come across.

So, click onto their website, download their Android software, pickup a big bonus and start earning loyalty points today. Depending on how much and how frequently you gamble, in a few weeks you might have worked you way towards everything from a deck of cards to a new iPhone.